Friday, 16 July 2010

Bourtange: A Beautiful city in Holland

There are some places in the world that are simply awesome, not only for their natural and cultural legacies, but also be unique in concept and construction criteria, as is the case of several cities in the European country of Holland, and more precisely in a place as Bourtange.

This is one of the most beautiful cities Netherlands we can find, and that powerfully attracts our attention above all thanks to a small town that has a very special format, since all its outline is created based on stars, when seen from above complete a concept really spectacular.

Bourtange is on sand ridges in the Netherlands, and has grown in size and shape as the peasants who live there have been working and shaping, making gaps between their stop to create these fabulous ways.

Bourtange is in the region Westerwolde, and because of the multiple channels of land areas give the impression of being a kind of flowers in a lake islands. The population is in the province of Groningen to about 32 kilometers from Emmen, and in ancient times was known that it was a walled fortress, so today is still an exquisite medieval town charm, ideal for those who want to know places formidable different and unforgettable.

The whole place is idyllic, almost a fairy, full of ponds and canals, cobblestone streets, bridges, houses decorated and lots of greenery in a landscape that even seems painted. Within the village we find museums that let us know a little more about its history, certainly worthy of enjoying every minute.

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